Assistent®: Quality and precision since 1919

    Glaswarenfabrik Karl Hecht, a privately owned German company, exists for almost 100 years
    as producer and supplier of several thousand precision glass instruments and devices for physicians, hospitals
    and laboratories, which are distributed worldwide by specialized dealer companies under the trademark Assistent®.

    The company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, which proves an equal quality standard.

    The product range is divided into the following main categories:

    Blood Test and Urinalysis

    e. g. blood lancets, precision cuvettes,
            shakers and mixers, urinometers

    Microscopy and Staining

    e. g. cover glasses, microslides and
            accessories, Petri dishes, staining items

    Liquid Handling

    e. g. piston pipettes, digital burettes,
            dispensers, manual dispensers

    Volumetric Instruments

    e. g. measuring pipettes, volumetric flasks,
            measuring cylinders, measures

    Laboratory Equipment

    e. g. beakers, bottles, Bunsen burners,
            Erlenmeyer flasks, stirrers

    Hydrometers and Thermometers

    e. g. hydrometers, room thermometers,
            outdoor thermometers, digital

    Hospital Equipment

    e. g. clinical thermometers, kinesiology tape,
            medicine cups, dishes, jars of glass
            and stainless steel

    Manual Therapy

    e.g. cupping glasses, taping, massage tools

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    Product novelties

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    Programmable magnetic stirrers with and without heating plate: learn more here!



    Mini test tube shaker Reamix VMS: learn more here!



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