Volumetric measuring instruments, conformity certified, with certificate

It is necessary to monitor used measuring instruments regularly during their operating time according to the
documented quality management system.

Therefore our volumetric measuring glass instruments, conformity certified, are provided with a lot number.
A lot certificate is included in each original packing.
On request the instruments are provided with an individual number (individual instrument checking).
Instruments with an individual number are being delivered with an individual certificate of performance.

Example for a lot identification:

       Year              Quarter        Figure
       two digits
                          = Number of productions per quarter   
       17                     1                  2

       Note to quarter                 Note to figure
       1 = 01.01. - 31.03.            The figure is only used if necessary: If an article is being produced more than
       2 = 01.04. - 30.06.            once in a quarter.     
       3 = 01.07. - 30.09.            I.e. the smallest number here is 2. The figure is added to the lot identification.
       4 = 01.10. - 31.12.

Example of an identification of individually checked instruments

       Year of production    2nd production      Number of certificate of performance
       and quarter
              16.3                                2                         0024

       An additional, individual number is being added to the lot number:
       2nd production of a glass instrument during the 3rd quarter of 2016 with certificate number 24

The certificates

1. Lot certificate of performance
    Information about the instrument, mean value, standard deviation, measuring conditions

2. Individual certificate of performance
    Information about the instrument, determined volume, measuring conditions

The certificates include all important data for the monitoring of measuring instruments.
The test results can be accessed and traced back for at least five years by means of the lot number.

Article numbers for volumetric instruments with certificate

using the example of a volumetric pipette, conformity certified, 10 ml:

Lot certificate
42556052  Number remains, lot certificate comes with every packing unit

Individual certificate

42556652  3rd place right hand changes from 0 to 6

USP lot certificate
42556452  3rd place right hand changes from 0 to 4

DAkkS calibration certificate
42556852  3rd place right hand changes from 0 to 8

Volumetric instruments in compliance with USP (United States Pharmacopeia)

On request we manufacture volumetric instruments with error limits corresponding to the ASTM standards,
specified by current USP in Chapter 31.
The dimensions of ungraduated volumetric glass instruments meet the current DIN EN ISO standard.
Error limits specified in the ASTM standards are observed when adjusting.

A batch certificate confirming the compliance with ASTM standards, is supplied per packing unit.
In general the production takes place order-related.

Volumetric measuring instruments with DAkkS calibration certificate

Our volumetric instruments can be delivered with DAkkS calibration certificate upon request.
The calibration certificate is issued by a DAkkS calibration laboratory. The tested instruments obtain
an individual serial number, with which they can be assigned to the calibration certificate.



Certificate of performance, issued after delivery

Certificate of performance

Order no.:

Certificate: Lot certificate
Price per Piece:
1 pc.
15,50 €
Prices in EURO (€), net, plus VAT

with information on mean value of the production lot

Individual certificate of performance

Individual certificate of performance with information of the actually determined volume of the instrument

Order no.:

Certificate: Individual certificate
Price per Piece:
1 pc.
18,60 €
Prices in EURO (€), net, plus VAT

with information of the actually determined volume of the instrument


Please mention it in your order, if you require an individual certificate.
This certificate cannot be issued after delivery!

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